a dating renaissance

Did the lockdown actually bring some good news for daters? Cupid says yes. 

2020 has caused app daters to slow down and lean into actions proven to support more long-term commitment:
  • Spend more time getting to know potential partners (63%)
  • Be more honest with potential partners (69%)
  • Re-evaluate their checklist (52%) and consider a wider range of people as potential partners (59%)
  • Focus less on physical attraction (61% of Gen Z and 49% of Millennials)
  • Spark more meaningful conversations before meeting in person (with Gen Z leading the pack at 50%) 
  • 58% have shifted toward more “intentional dating”
The one who got away?

While 26% of singles broke up due to stay-at-home orders, some couples were actually trying to reunite. 

25% of singles had an ex reach out to them during the pandemic. It didn’t always stop at messaging though. 

Over 1 in 10 singles actually rekindled a previous relationship during quarantine.

serious about getting serious

53% of app daters are now prioritizing their search for a relationship more than before the pandemic.

does geography have anything to do with it?
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We surveyed 5,000 singles across the nation this August, with the help of our friends at Dynata and trusty experts like Dr. Helen Fisher and Dr. Justin R. Garcia. Our participants were from all ages, ethnicities, incomes and walks of life. The result? Singles in America. And now, in its 10th year, we have surveyed over 50,000 singles nationwide making up the most comprehensive study on singles EVER.

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