the Black Lives Matter movement

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) social justice movement has caused people around the world – especially in North America – to build awareness around individual and systemic racism in America. And singles were no exception to the awakening.

In the 3 months since the killing of George Floyd & the national response through the BLM social movement, 24% of singles are now more open to dating people of a different race or ethnicity than they were before.

values matter

59% of singles want to know if their date supports the black lives matter movement.

64% of singles say they cannot have a relationship with someone who has a very different view about racial equality; with women feeling more strongly than men (72% of women vs. 59% of men).

And while we’re on the subject of interracial dating: There’s been a 58% decrease in singles not being open to dating someone of a different ethnicity in the past 10 years.

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We surveyed 5,000 singles across the nation this August, with the help of our friends at Dynata and trusty experts like Dr. Helen Fisher and Dr. Justin R. Garcia. Our participants were from all ages, ethnicities, incomes and walks of life. The result? Singles in America. And now, in its 10th year, we have surveyed over 50,000 singles nationwide making up the most comprehensive study on singles EVER.

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