matters of state affect who singles date

For nearly 10 years, Singles in America has studied how political views affect one’s dating preferences. In past years, less than half of singles said shared political beliefs were important when dating. But like everything in 2020, that has changed.

politics get personal and party matters

Singles not only want to know a partner’s political views, they want to know ASAP.

Before they even begin a conversation, 1 in 10 young singles (Gen Z and Millennials) want to know a potential partner's political views.

Young singles aren’t the only ones seeing political views as a dealbreaker: Nearly half (45%) of all singles want to know a partner’s viewpoint by the second date, and an additional 28% want to know before they make the decision to get serious.

79% of singles are comfortable telling a potential partner their affiliation. 

so who’s uncomfortable?

Gen Z Republicans (the highest of cohorts at 51%).

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We surveyed 5,000 singles across the nation this August, with the help of our friends at Dynata and trusty experts like Dr. Helen Fisher and Dr. Justin R. Garcia. Our participants were from all ages, ethnicities, incomes and walks of life. The result? Singles in America. And now, in its 10th year, we have surveyed over 50,000 singles nationwide making up the most comprehensive study on singles EVER.

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