singles & the financial crisis

During the height of the pandemic, with stocks tanking and the US unemployment rate hitting an all-time high of 15%, the majority of singles remained surprisingly unaffected.

financial stability is sexier than ever

With economic uncertainty everywhere, singles have never been more likely  to add “smart with money” to their list of qualities in a potential partner.

26% of singles
Are now more likely to want someone who is employed full-time. Following the trend, 26% of singles are also more eager than ever to find a financially stable partner (Millennials being the highest at 31%). 


study info

We surveyed 5,000 singles across the nation this August, with the help of our friends at Dynata and trusty experts like Dr. Helen Fisher and Dr. Justin R. Garcia. Our participants were from all ages, ethnicities, incomes and walks of life. The result? Singles in America. And now, in its 10th year, we have surveyed over 50,000 singles nationwide making up the most comprehensive study on singles EVER.

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